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Putting My Experience To Work

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The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience



I help entrepreneurs breakdown barriers preventing them from turning their side hustle into a real business



I help women create a personal career brand that creates clear, concise and compelling messages to share online, on paper and in person


I help universities with course design and curriculumn development for  HIM programs and teach and mentor students



Hi, I'm Leonda Adeko

I realized early on in my life and career how I wanted to view and measure success.  I wanted to measure success by my terms and no one else’s. I wanted to build a thriving and satisfying career that I didn’t need a vacation from.  This vision impacted the type of education, knowledge and work experiences I decided to embark on in my career and personal life. My personal vision has always been to do work where I can display empathy and impact people's lives in meaningful and practical ways that inspires real change. I also wanted a career that would allow me to merge my learned skills and my passions together. 

I am passionate about wanting to be in service to people and see them achieve significant accomplishments in their business or personal life.  I enjoy teaching and mentoring my college students and helping them overcome obstacles and ultimately obtain their degree.  I love creating something from nothing, which translates into me helping female entrepreneurs turn their side hustle into real businesses that they can market and grow. Lastly, I love helping professional women create a clear, concise and compelling personal brand message to share online, on paper and in person.


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You can either QUIT your job and let me help you turn your side hustle into a real business in 9 easy steps OR PIVOT your career by creating a newly revamped personal career brand with clear and concise messaging to share online, in-person or in print.


Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

I will help you turn your side hustle into a real business that will have you ready to accept your first paying customer in 9 easy steps!

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Putting My Experience To Work

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