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What Are The Biggest Lies Preventing You From True Happiness and Becoming Your Authentic Self?

You have been asleep at the wheel!

You are just going through the motions of life, wife, family and career. There is a new horizon on the other side. It is called freedom.


The first step is to start dismantling old beliefs and unlearning the lies we were taught as women, so start with unlearning lie number one by downloading my free resource below.

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I'm Leonda

I inspire and teach women how to (re)discover your authentic self, (re)connect with your body and (re)invent your life on your own terms. I do this by helping you to dismantle old beliefs, learn how to trust your own intuition, end emotional suffering, get rid of the shame around your body and celebrate sexual freedom in ways that feel good to you.  


I help you become the woman you were always meant to be before the world told you who you should be. I show you how to get out of the cage the world has put us women in and design your own life…on purpose this time so you can have abundant love, money, friendships, joy, sexual freedom and excitement.  

(Re)Discovery Coach


Unlock The Keys To Your Freedom Program


I show you how to come back home to you, dismantle old beliefs and end emotional suffering to put you on a path to true happiness

(Re)discover your authentic self

Who were you before the world told you who you SHOULD be? Are you ready to live the 2nd half of your life by your own terms? The time is now for you to awaken into the renaissance of your authentic self.  Reserve your spot for my online program before the seats fill up! You will learn how to:


I help you get rid of the shame around your body, become confident & embrace your true sexuality, so you can live in an abundance of love, friendships & sexual freedom

(Re)connect with your body and sexuality


(Re)invent yourself by taking bold action

You learn how to boldly step into action & stay the course toward what tugs at your heart and reinvent a life that blows your own damn mind!

Cost at Program Launch $997

Lock in a very special pre-sale price of only $197 if you reserve your spot. Course starts on January 1, 2023. No credit card required

Check Your Email for the Download

One Glenlake Pkwy NE, Suite 650

Atlanta, GA 39328

Tel: 414-478-7819     |

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