Hi, I'm Leonda

Leonda Adeko MBA


I realized early on in my life and career how I wanted to view and measure success.  I wanted to measure success by my terms and no one else’s. I wanted to build a thriving and satisfying career that I didn’t need a vacation from.  This vision impacted the type of education, knowledge and work experiences I decided to embark on in my career and personal life. My personal vision has always been to do work where I can display empathy and impact people's lives in meaningful and practical ways that inspires real changes in them. I also wanted a career that would allow me to merge my learned skills and my passions together. 

I am passionate about wanting to be in service to people and see them achieve significant accomplishments in their business or personal life.  I enjoy teaching and mentoring my college students and helping them overcome obstacles and ultimately obtain their degree.  I love creating something from nothing, which translates into me helping female entrepreneurs turn their side hustle into real businesses that they can market and grow. Lastly, I love helping professional women create a clear, concise and compelling personal brand message to share online, on paper and in person.


I realized that I had it within myself to be good at more than one thing and not try to limit myself to only one direction or career path. Being able to exercise this ability in my career paths has helped me to not only stretch myself to full capacity but has made me more creative and able to build better connections. Over these past 20 years, I have been able to improve and expand upon my skillsets and have enjoyed being a part of helping college students, female entrepreneurs and professional women make signigicant changes to their business and personal lives.